YES, We are open!

To our customers:

During these unprecedented times, we understand that a laundromat is a vital community resource.  The CDC has recommended that we limit our human to human contact as much as possible through social distancing.  They have also asked that we wash our hands and our clothes/bedding regularly.  As you may be aware, our commercial washers and dryers allow for higher heat settings than home washers and dryers and we encourage this usage in order to fully kill germs, bacteria, and any virus.  Our team takes this outbreak very seriously, and we plan to stay open in order to be part of the solution.  In order to do this effectively and safely, our staff is constantly utilizing some of the best sanitizers and disinfectants available in order to keep our stores clean.    

HOWEVER, WE NEED YOUR HELP.  In order to facilitate and minimize possible contamination within our store, we ask that customers wash their hands as they enter the laundromat, and after they load any washing machines.  Set a timer on your phone so you know when your machines are done if you prefer to wait in your car during busy hours.

During these difficult times, if we can serve you in anyway, please let us know.  As a local, family owned business, we want what's best for our community and country as a whole and we know you do, too.  

Please be safe, and be blessed.  If you need anything, or have any questions, contact a staff member or call us directly at 959-400-0012.

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Melissa and Brian Rheaume 

Laundry For Less